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Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Elite Skin Leaked
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Onderwerp: Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Elite Skin Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Elite Skin Leaked 2 maanden, 3 weken geleden #4273

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A highly-regarded Rainbow Six Siege leaker has discovered an Elite skin for Spetnaz operator Glaz that shows the Russian sniper in comfortable civvies rather than his usual facepaint and battle dress.

Glaz fits one particular niche type of player in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. As the Spetnaz chief sniper, he can hang around outside the main map and zoom in on enemy buildings, looking for unsuspecting enemies to pop up. He can also come inside and join the fray, since his gadgets to make him less vulnerable to roaming defenders.

GSG9 currently has only two elite skin, for IQ and Jäger, while Spetsnaz will join the three-elite-skins club soon. Currently, Kapkan and Fuze have elite skins, which makes it two. Buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits on rvgm.com with huge discount, fast delivery and 100% safety. Glaz's elite skin is already in the pipe apparently, as R6 News leaked the appearance on a video. It seems like Ubisoft's art team managed to capture Glazkov's artistic side, with an impeccable style on his moustache-less goatee. Granted, that's not the only detail they picked up as he looks rather dapper in the new outfit.

Glaz is the best window peeker in the game because of his scope. Rapel on a window, break a hole in said window, and peek inside. The glowing yellow hue of enemy operators makes it easy to look inside a room, get a pick, and then move on. It is vitally important to be calm, and to be patient. Sometimes it's best to wait 20 or 30 seconds rather than to reposition. A good idea is to break a hole in two or three different windows, and peek through them at different times. The best way to get killed as a Glaz is by being predictible, never break a hole in a window and immediately peek in. Glaz is also the best at peeking drone holes, as his rifle can kill people in 2-3 shots to the feet.

If you play glaz on your own, my best advice is to use smoke grenades wisely. Especially since you only get 2 of them. If you picking glaz is your team’s win condition, try asking a teammate to bring smole grenades too. They may sacrifice a valuable gadget, but since glaz can change the fight before it begins, it can make all the difference.

It’s fairly certain Glaz’s Lethal Citizen skin will roll out on the Operation Wind Bastion release date, which we expect will be early next month. Elite skins usually cost 1,600 R6 Credits, or about $15 USD. The skin is a fresh look for good old Glaz, who’s skin is probably in rough shape after so much time under camo paint.
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