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Wargaming is bringing its World of Tanks: Blitz app to the Steam
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Onderwerp: Wargaming is bringing its World of Tanks: Blitz app to the Steam

Wargaming is bringing its World of Tanks: Blitz app to the Steam 4 maanden, 2 weken geleden #4278

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World of Tanks Blitz went a long way from its beginnings in 2014. Back in the days, it was exclusively developed for handheld devices but the developers made it a cross-platform and bring it to Windows 10. Now, Windows 7 version wasn’t supported until the end of 2016, but now you can play it seamlessly on the most popular Windows iteration.

The new circle of life is a developer making a PC game, porting it to mobile, and then bringing that port back to PC. I can hear Elton John singing about it in my head. Publisher Wargaming is bringing its World of Tanks: Blitz app to the Steam PC gaming platform today. This is separate from the free-to-play World of Tanks that is already available for PC. Blitz, instead, takes the tank-versus-tank combat of the original and makes it work on touchscreen mobile devices. Only, now that it’s on Steam, Wargaming is adapting the touch version for the keyboard-and-mouse all over again. World of Tanks is already one of the top-10 performing free-to-play PC games in the world, and Blitz could expand its reach even further.

For World of Tanks Blitz though, it's all about choice. Product director Andrey Ryabovol said in an emailed statement: “With the game already available on Windows, Google, and Apple stores, Steam was a natural step. We want to give our players freedom when choosing where, when, and through which channels they want to play World of Tanks Blitz. We’d like to welcome our new players and encourage everyone to join in and have fun battling across iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices.” By the way, you can buy cheap World of Tanks Blitz Gold from mmocs.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

Using your thumbs to blast other tanks into nothingness is a gameplay experience that’s never gotten tiresome. WARGAMING Group Limited has managed to keep its game’s community alive with numerous updates. Fans have had plenty of reasons to become addicted to the game all the while – the wide variety of tanks, strong progression mechanics, deep strategy, intense battles etc.

While this might seem like Wargaming is taking a risk of splitting its audience, chances are that Blitz should appeal to players with underpowered gaming rigs. While World of Tanks proper does not require top-of-the-line processing, Blitz should run on even weaker machines. This opens the game up to even more players around the world who may not have the means to afford much more than the most bare-bones system.
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