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BioWare released Update 1.0.4 for Anthem
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Onderwerp: BioWare released Update 1.0.4 for Anthem

BioWare released Update 1.0.4 for Anthem 2 maanden, 2 weken geleden #4280

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BioWare released Update 1.0.4 for Anthem today, adding Legendary Missions, Elysian Caches, loot changes and more. Detail Legendary Missions, which allow players to replay critical path missions at a much higher difficulty. One mission will be available per day with no limit on the number of times it can be completed.

The most significant additions to come with this patch are of course Elysian Caches and Legendary Missions. Elysian Caches are chests that spawn at the end of Stronghold missions. These must be unlocked with Elysian Keys earned through daily missions, and they award all players in a party with cosmetics and crafting materials. Don’t expect to find armor pieces in them though, those are still only available through the store for now.

The new update makes several loot changes as well. Chests in Strongholds, Freeplay, and Missions have all been buffed, increasing the number of items they have a chance to drop upon being opened. The same is true for the Apex creatures--Ursix, Titans, Furies, and Escari/Luminaries--in the game. The AFK timer has been reduced to five minutes from 10, and on any of the Grandmaster difficulties, all Stronghold bosses have a higher chance of dropping Masterwork or Legendary items. Buy Cheap Anthem Power Leveling from Mmocs.com gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

A handful of other notable changes were also made in Anthem‘s latest patch. The ability to access the Forge instantly, with no loading screen, anywhere within Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay has been long requested. Anthem‘s auto-disconnect AFK timer has been cut from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, perhaps to help with server load. Hardware performance has been improved during certain effects like the weather changing, and dozens of bug fixes and balance changes were made to make Anthem play better in general.

Finally, Anthem’s loot is getting a bit more generous with this patch. Chests in freeplay, missions, and strongholds will drop extra loot and crafting materials. Difficult creatures like the Ursix or Titans can drop additional loot pieces. On higher difficulties, stronghold bosses will drop more loot than before. The boss loot will also have a higher chance to be Masterwork or Legendary rarity.

Would all of these things dramatically increase the number of legendaries player have and make the more poweful? Yes, and that’s the point. There is just no reason for BioWare to be holding legendaries back the way they’ve been so far, especially with how reliant the game is on random rolls in addition to loot rarity. Maybe they were originally worried about players getting too powerful too quickly, but guess what, there are much, much larger problems at play right now, like players fleeing the game en masse because it feels painfully unrewarding. And any one of these ideas would help things, even if all aren’t implemented.
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